The XLN Lab is the brainchild of the Bat Yam Municipality's Entrepreneurship Center and the Reut Institute. Launched in 2014 at the Shazar High School in Bat-Yam, OutBox operates the program, whose goal is to ensure digital technology is accessible to all in a direct and friendly manner, with hopes of promoting exposure, education, training, and creativity.

The XLN Lab invites students and the residents of Bat Yam and the area to participate in various workshops, where they can enjoy firsthand experience in innovations such as 3-D printers, laser cutting machines, and other digital production tools. For the most part the lab is open to the public free of charge, as one of its core principles is ensuring digital knowledge and production instruments are accessible to all. Such access is a significant component in affording all social echelons equal and diverse opportunities to express new voices in the design conversation in Israel.