The Design Entrepreneurs Program, a collaboration of OutBox and the Keren Shemesh philanthropic organization, strives to encourage budding designers by providing them with the necessary tools for proper business practices.

The program offers effective training, tailored specifically for new designers' needs, and offers them long-term guidance.

The program comprises two stages:

  • The first stage includes a series of 13 weekly meetings, each focused on a different issue, in which designers learn about the various aspects of starting and running a business. Each class comprises up to 30 designers from various disciplines, who study and work together in a group-oriented setting. Designers participating in this part of the program learn the principles of:
  • oOutlining business strategy.
  • oSetting business goals and building a business plan.
  • oProper financial practices.
  • oBusiness management and reports.
  • oMarketing, public relations, sales, etc.
  • Participants are inspired by veteran designers who had similar experiences starting their own businesses.
  • The second stage invites program, graduates to make use of a wide array of services offered by Keren Shemesh, sans any additional screening, including:
  • oPersonal, hands-on business mentoring, free of charge.
  • oSubsidized business counseling.
  • oSupport and counseling on outlining a business plan.
  • oAdditional tutorials, workshops, and lectures, outside the original program.
  • oBusiness exposure opportunities, trade fairs, PR, etc.

The Design Entrepreneurs Program caters to designers ages 35 and under, from all disciplines, who started their business a year and less before applying to the program.

Admission is contingent on candidates' professional questionnaire, the approval of an admissions committee, and a personal interview.