For years, Limor Peretz would look outside her window, at the children playing in the nearby schoolyard, students at the Mesilot School for special-needs and autistic children, whose vision statement is "to be a center of excellence and knowledge about autism." Secretly, she always hoped that one day she would have the opportunity to get to know the children.

When Limor, a graphic designer and illustrator, was named head of the Bat Yam Design Terminal, she made her dream come true. Together with the Mesilot administration, she chose 12 third and fourth-grade students with whom she worked throughout the school year. The fruits of their labor were showcased in a special exhibition held at the Bat Yam Design Terminal.

The exhibition afforded the children an opportunity to present their rich inner world, and allowed visitors to become impressed with their truly complex and genuine connection with their surroundings, despite their communication difficulties.

Designer and curator: Limor Peretz Azulai

Producer: Shani Sherf