Our Friends

We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to OutBox supporters, who have shown unwavering, dedication, perseverance, and love. They care and watch over us; making themselves fully available to us no matter when and where. We have been blessed with the counsel of top-notch professionals, who are fully committed to our visions, and are full partners in our success. Thank you!

  • Ilan Barhoom, CPA: Founded in 1996, the Ilan Barhoom Accounting Firm is one of the leading accounting firms in central Israel. A young and dynamic enterprise, the firm has been steadily growing, fostering robust, cross-industry professional ties. Together with his dedicated team, Ilan and been advising OutBox on its finances since its inception.
  • Gross, Orad, Schlimoff & Co.: A leading international law firm specializing in insurance, reinsurance, and commerce. The firm enjoys a stellar reputation, and represents numerous multinational companies operating in Israel. Adv. Sigal Schlimoff has been personally overseeing all aspects of OutBox's operations since its inception.
  • Idit Shiloah Public Relations and Communications: Formerly the spokesperson for the Fattal Hotels Chain and press officer for the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Idit's boutique PR firm provides clients with PR services meant to increase their media presence, and if need be, provide them with business and marketing advice. The firm specializes in culture, leisure, fashion, design, tourism, and catering. Idit's work combines creativity and strategic thinking stemming from a shared commitment to her clients' success. She has been heading OutBox's PR activities for the past three years.
  • Kalronim Insurance Agency: Kalronim is a family-owned insurance agency that offers its private and business sectors' clients personal, top-quality services. The agency specializes in long-term savings, including life insurance, pension plans, executive insurance, healthcare and long-term care insurance, and provident and study funds; and further specializes in financial planning and retirement management. The company also offers general insurance services, including liability and malpractice insurance for the construction and entertainment industries, as well as business, vehicles, and property insurance. Dov and Orna Kalron have been overseeing the insurance aspects of our operations since 2012.
  • Limor Edri: A financial management consultant and lecturer, over the past year Limor has been advising OutBox on economic and financial management, and has been seeing it through its development, growth, and financial streamlining processes.
  • Folyou website design: Folyou offers users the tools to create a responsive website quickly and easily, regardless of whether they have website-building experience. With hundreds of companies among its services' users, Folyou is one of Israel's leading website design companies, affording small and medium-size businesses full cybersphere access. The OutBox website was designed using the Folyou builder, with the generous help of Eitan Israeli and Evyatar Korlanski.
  • Yafa Gaon: An educator, creative art workshops' facilitator, and senior lecturer at the Department of Art and Design at the Kibbutzim College of Education, Yafa has been assisting OutBox in outlining the curriculum for our "Design the Future" program.
  • Eran Levy: A personal and organizational consultant, Eran is a senior management, human resources, and strategic development professional, who currently advises organizations in the fields of employee management, development, and retention, formulating organizational strategy, executive recruitment, and career development. Eran has been coaching and advising OutBox's CEO for over three years.

Special thanks to the lovely Sari Golan, for donating the vibrant yellow couch to the Triangle Art Space, and to the talented Nir Slakman, whose photographs made all of us look so good.

A very special thanks to the three talented photographers who have been with OutBox for over five years: Lizzy Shaanan, who has been photographing our events ever since our first box show in 2008; Shachar Fleischmann, who has been photographing our boxes and products for the past four years; and Ziv Sadeh, who has been photographing annual OutBox campaigns for the past five years.