Our Team

  • Liron Hershkovitz: OutBox co-founder and CEO, who has been overseeing its prolific operations since 2010.
  • Shani Sherf: An industrial designer, certified teacher and graduate of the Kibbutzim College of Education. Until recently Shani headed OutBox's education and community programs, and currently oversees our XLN branch, an innovation lab located in the central Israeli city of Bat Yam. Heading the outlining process of all OutBox educational programs, Shani has also oversees the heads of the design terminals and the designers themselves through their various projects and community outreach efforts.
  • Shahar Vitonsky: Graduate of the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Shahar has been heading his own design and branding studio for over a decade. He has worked with some of the leading firms in Israel, and currently teaches at Shenkar. He has been advising OutBox on the design of all of its commercial and marketing materials.
  • Ornit Goren-Agmon: Head of the Coaching Program. Ornit has an undergraduate degree Psychology and Theatre Studies and a graduate degree in Public Administration, both from Tel Aviv University. She is also a graduate of the Tal Ronen Coaching Academy, and serves as a group facilitator and supervisor of business coaches taking their first steps in this field. Ornit is the personal business coach for designers who are members of the Bat Tam Design Terminal, and a member of the OutBox Executive Board.
  • Dana Snierson (Bahar): Head of our designers department. A graphic designer, Dana is a graduate of the Holon Institute of Technology. She develops and oversees the mentoring and training programs offered to designers, oversees design terminals' managers, and produces seminars and workshops that focus on design.
  • Limor Peretz Azulai: Head of the Bat Yam Design Terminal in central Israel. A graduate of the Israeli Institute of Technology, Limor is a seasoned illustrator, who has worked with some of the leading design firm and companies in Israel. She oversees the day-to-day operations of the design terminal, manages and implements the training programs, caters to the designers' needs, fosters ties with our municipal partners, and promotes OutBox's public relations activities.
  • Hadar Mamrod: Head of the Yeruham Design Terminal in southern Israel. An industrial designer, Hadar earned her undergraduate degree at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and her graduate degree in industrial design management from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Hadar oversaw the inception of the Yeruham Design Terminal, which she now heads.
  • Shai Rosen: Co-founder of the Galilee Design Terminal. A computer science undergrad and MBA, Shai specializes in designing user interfaces and outlining digital and marketing strategies. With over 20 years experience in the business, he has been advising some of Israel's largest corporations on digital content development. An entrepreneur at heart, Shai heads various project, including the inception of the Galilee Design Terminal.
  • Ayelet Rosen: Co-founder of the Galilee Design Terminal. Ayelet has an undergraduate degree in communications and management, and she is a graduate of the Heschel Center for Sustainability's Environmental and Social Leadership Program. She has spent the past year turning the OutBox vision into a reality by forming the Galilee Design Terminal in Karmiel, including securing sponsors, endorsements, and partnerships, outlining work plans, and fostering relationships with northern-based designers.