As part of the 2013 Jerusalem Design Week, OutBox produced the Food Design Lab, an initiative promoted by designer Ayala Moses, which created a unique opportunity for the worlds of food and design to interact and produce a one of a kind experience.

The design and culinary spheres share many common conceptual processes, demanding those who delve in them show creativity, originality, patience, attention to details, and an understanding of the target audience. The lab was based on the premise that a combination of professional experience and knowledge from both spheres will allow for the creation of a new and exciting third sphere, where raw materials, production processes, and serving dishes could be taken out of context.

The lab paired renowned Israeli chefs and leading designers – chef Dudu Biton with Prof. Ezri Tarazi, pastry chef Eran Shvartzbard with designers Tal Gur, Noam Dover, and Michal Cederbaum, and chef Erez Komarovsky with designers Omer Pollack and Michal Evyatar – who together pursued practices common to both spheres, such as melting, molding, folding, filling, blowing, rotating, pressing, and grinding, to create a unique outcome that defied conventional perception.

Production manager and curator: Ayala Moses