As part of the Street Print project, OutBox published a book titled "Tarimu – Invitations, Flyers, and Posters in the Israeli Club Scene: 1990-2012, a Retrospective," edited by Nissan Shor. The book includes hundreds of posters, invitations, and flyers designed, printed, and distributed over the past 20 years, representing the local zeitgeist and creative forces, alongside a collection of essays and cultural critiques.

"The book reflects the industry and the great changes it has undergone. Browsing through its pages reveals the colorful visual undercurrents of both the local and general scenes, painting it with shimmering and seductive tones through incidental details, grouped together to form a linear line with a practical shape and sound. The book salutes the Israeli club scene, and provides a vivid snapshot of Israel since the 1990s – a visual proof of Tel Aviv's design culture."

Production manager and curator: Lior Bossek

Editor: Nissan Shor